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BATTLEFIELD, Mo. — People across the Ozarks are cleaning up mother nature’s mess left behind in overnight storms.

Residents on Shawnee Street couldn’t believe what they saw this morning when they woke to find part of their roofs destroyed. For Shawn Gott, his trampoline was found wrapped around a tree.

Storm shelters companies, insurance companies, tree trimmers and insurance adjusters were all out early Wednesday, looking over the damage and debris left behind by high winds near Battlefield, Missouri.

Homeowner Kyle Butrick says he couldn’t believe the damage left behind “I just woke up this morning and saw this and couldn’t believe!” said Butrick. “I heard the storm go through didn’t realize it was that serious.”

The mess is keeping tree trimmers busy. “Wll it helps the business out quite a bit with tree and wind damage things like that are blown down kind of helps you know lack in when it starts getting slow during the year,” said Chris Hodges of Hodges Tree Trimming.

The Battlefield Fire Department is out doing damage assessment today, but did not have updated information available as of mid-morning.

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