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History of the Battlefield Fire Protection District

Late 1950’s – The volunteer fire department was organized in Battlefield covering from Farm Road 115 on the west side to old Highway 65 on the east and Springfield to the Greene/Christian county line.  The department was supported by ham and bean suppers annually.

1964 – The first fire station was built.  It was located in Battlefield near the railroad track at the southeast side of town.

1976 – A door to door campaign was launched to collect dues for the fire department, starting the dues based fire department for operational costs.

1982 – A new fire station was built with four bays to house truck next to the existing fire station.  This was known as the “new Station One.”

1985 – The fire department was voted into a Fire Protection District with an elected three person board.

1986 – A new fire station was built on Evans Road between Springfield Lake and Highway 65.  The fire station is know as Station Two.

Late 1986 – An addition was built onto Station 1 in Battlefield for a training room and offices.  The Missouri Division of Fire Safety used one of the offices as a satellite station.

1991 – A third station was built at Western and Farm Road 156, Station Three, for volunteer staffing response to the growing area.

March 1995 – Jerry Sparkman was hired as a full-time fire chief.

1998 – The current Administration and Training center was built in Battlefield.  The building houses the administration and training component of the District.  The Division of Fire Safety moved into one of the offices from Station 1.

2002 – Station Four was built on Plainview Road west of Campbell Avenue.  The fire station was staffed with the first full-time firefighters of the District covering 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

May 2003 – A devastating tornado destroyed Station One a large amount of the City of Battlefield.  Station One was rebuilt to its new location in Battlefield replacing the two buildings destroyed.

April 2004 – Voters approved an increase in tax levy to 0.3611 cents on $100 assessed evaluation.

January 2005 – With the completion of the new Station One the addition of a full-time firefighters to the new station added the second staffed station for the District.

2006 – Three Battalion Chiefs were hired to manage the full-time personnel.  One battalion chief was assigned to each shift to supervise.  The addition of the battalion chiefs brought the District’s staffing to 15 full-time firefighters, three battalion chiefs, a deputy chief, fire chief, mechanic, two maintenance personnel and a full-time administrative assistant.

January 2009 – Station 3 located at Western and Farm Road 156 was remodeled to accommodate full-time firefighters.  This would be the third staffed station of the District with 24 hour protection.  Staffing would then consist of 15 full-time firefighters, 9 captains, 3 battalion chiefs, a deputy chief and fire chief.

April 2009 – The voters of the District approved the addition of two new board members to change the Board of Directors from a 3 to 5 person board.

March 2010 – Bryan Newberry was sworn in as fire chief.

June 2018 – Jarett Metheny was sworn in as fire chief.