• Records Request

    Incident reports are commonly requested for insurance companies or for property owner records.
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  • Safety FAQ

    Detailed descriptions on how to handle smoke detectors, extinguishers, carbon monoxide
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  • Prevention

    At the Springfield / Greene County 9-1-1 Center, personnel are civilians trained in emergency dispatching procedures and emergency operations.


    Common fire emergencies include structure fires, brush fires, automobile accidents with injuries and smoke investigations...

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  • Recruitment

    The Battlefield Fire District is proud to be part of the Tri-State Fire Recruitment Alliance.
    The Tri-State Fire Recruitment Alliance is a consortium developed to allow Fire Service agencies in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma to jointly provide pre-hire testing for...

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  • Fire Safety: Children

    Did you know that 50 percent of child fire deaths affect those under the age of 5?


    Escaping from a fire can be difficult for very young children because they generally lack the motor skills and mental capabilities needed to quickly escape a burning building...


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