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The Battlefield Fire District will visit your business, school, daycare, residential facility or church for a fire safety education opportunity.  Trying a new plan when an emergnecy occurs is not the best way to be prepared.  Knowing what to do in an emergency and what to expect when an actual emergency occurs is invaluable.

  • Where will the fire trucks be positioned on your property for an emergency?
  • How long do you have to evacuate a building?
  • Should you evacuate if the fire alarm goes off?
  • Why do so many fire trucks show up for a fire?
  • Why does the fire truck respond with the ambulance to a medical call?

Questions like these can be answered during our visit along with fire safety education for your business, church, daycare, school or residential facility.  Different people and places have specific needs.  Visit the “Contact” page and put “Fire Safety Education” in the subject line or you can call our offices and talk with our staff today 417-881-9018.

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