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Incident reports are commonly requested for insurance companies or for property owner records. Missouri Open Records Law, Chapter 610, RSMo, also known as the Sunshine Law, requires governmental agencies to conduct business in a manner open and accessible to all citizens. This law stipulates that governmental agencies shall make their records available to the public.

Requests must be made in writing and mailed or faxed to the address below, specifying that it is a Sunshine Law Records Request and sent to the attention of the Records Department. There is a ten (10) dollar charge for a records request. Phone or e-mail requests will not be accepted. Within 72 hours of receipt of the request, the District will either acknowledge receipt of the request or will ask the requester to clarify the request.

Incident Request Form

Record requests should be addressed to the address below:

Battlefield Fire Protection District
 4117 W. 2nd St.
Battlefield, MO 65619

If you have any questions please contact our offices:

(417) 881-9018