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  • Cost is $650.00, a $100.00 deposit is required with the application.
  • We will start accepting applications on November 1, 2017.
  • There will be a basic orientation and qualifications for class meeting on December 19, 2017
    • This will not be a full 4 hour class, it will run from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Classes start on January 2, 2018 and run until May 19, 2018.
  • Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm until 10:00pm.
  • The final class is on a Saturday from 8:00am until done (approximately 3:00pm)
  • Students are required to have a background check by the Missouri Highway Patrol, this is to be done by the student.
  • Students must show proof of a current TB test, a Rubella vaccination (MMR), and the Hepatitis B series.
  • Class fees DO NOT include cost of the NIEMT (state test) or the NREMT written test.
  • Students must supply a copy of their High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • This course meets all of the USDOT, NREMT, and Missouri Health and Senior Services standards.
  • The dates on the schedule are set and correct, some classes may be moved. You will get an accurate schedule on the first day of class.
  • All class fees are due on the first day of class.

EMT B Class Flyer

EMT B Class Application

EMT B Schedule

EMT B Student Policy Manual

This dates on this schedule are set and will be correct, however some classes may be moved. You will receive an accurate schedule on the first day of class.